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Nayan Tehalani -  Co- Founder

Nayan , a Gen- Z Digital Marketer and Social Media Manager. Their expertise lies in enhancing brands’ social presence and providing consulting services to startups for business growth. Nayan explores various areas, including SEO, Web Development, Digital Marketing, Email Marketing, Influencer Marketing, Market Research, and Performance Marketing.

The digital cosmos, I've acquired a formidable arsenal of 15+ skills, each one meticulously sharpened like a swordsmith crafting a legendary blade. If you're the visionary seeking a marketing maven capable of breathing life into your social presence, or if your startup craves the wisdom of a sage consultant, look no further. You've arrived at your destination.

My journey is a tapestry woven with the threads of diverse clients and illustrious companies. From scaling the peaks of e-commerce to navigating the labyrinthine world of technology, I've not only survived but thrived. My expertise isn't confined to a single niche – it's a symphony of experiences harmonizing across the spectrum of possibilities.

But here's the twist – I'm not just about business. Beyond the realm of zeros and ones, I extend my compassionate hand as a mental health consultant, guiding individuals towards a balanced, harmonious life. Across our magnificent nation, I host enlightening seminars, sparking transformations in lives.

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